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snow…snow…”Oh how welcome” (for me anyway)

A light rain was falling the Monday morning I visited two stores picking up a few things in preparation for the coming winter storm.  Unlike some that I spoke with I was looking forward to snow….there’s something  peaceful, quiet and just pleasant about falling snow.  These words come from someone who usually doesn’t have to be about in the stuff.  I have good memories of being with my dad walking thru snow-covered pastures and fields as a little girl…nothing deep…just a few inches covering country land.  Those days are long, very long, gone but memories are rekindled by a cold February day…an old barn, white pastures, fine companions…pop, a black and brown dog named Smudge and me.Farm in Winter Watercolor and pastels of Farm in Winter (2011)

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On The Road To Tuscaloosa…watercolor

watercolor of an old home, snow and the last of the pumpkins
watercolor of an old home, snow and the last of the pumpkins

It was in the springtime, a bright and sunny day in early May when I passed by the old house its occupants had moved on to central heat and cool air and windows that refused to allow the wind to ‘whistle’ through the crevices.  Time passed and when I decided to paint what was remembered of the house and its surroundings I wanted snow, an early snow and pumpkins.  The last of the big orange crop gathered in from the field and placed by the old tree.  And, sometime during the night the snow came as softly and tenderly as the words from the song!