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What a Fine Barn.

This is one awesome barn.  I have since forgotten where I made this photo…hopefully it is still standing reminding us of a “once upon a time”……………..

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snow…snow…”Oh how welcome” (for me anyway)

A light rain was falling the Monday morning I visited two stores picking up a few things in preparation for the coming winter storm.  Unlike some that I spoke with I was looking forward to snow….there’s something  peaceful, quiet and just pleasant about falling snow.  These words come from someone who usually doesn’t have to be about in the stuff.  I have good memories of being with my dad walking thru snow-covered pastures and fields as a little girl…nothing deep…just a few inches covering country land.  Those days are long, very long, gone but memories are rekindled by a cold February day…an old barn, white pastures, fine companions…pop, a black and brown dog named Smudge and me.Farm in Winter Watercolor and pastels of Farm in Winter (2011)